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Hi, my name is Oliver Dammasch. I created this website mainly for my solo project called deadArt and also for other bands and projects that I am and was involved in.

I started deadArt as an outlet for music that I can’t do in a band. In one way being the only member in a music project allows it to be limitless, no one telling you what to do and no naysayers. On the other hand, it is limited to what only one person can do or come up with. Jamming and feeding off other musicians is totally lost. Playing in a band with likeminded people and making music myself fulfills two separate needs.

I try to be in bands that try not to make money and ideally will give music away for free. Since music is my hobby, not my job nor source of income, the only thing I expect in return is that I have fun, and hopefully also for the people involved. And 99% of the time it is.

All deadArt releases are free to download on the music page. If you want a CD I accept any resonable donation. Or if you wanna donate just for downloading that’s also great.

Other stuff I did with other musician can also be found in the music page mostly with download links. Some stuff is not available for download is due to the wish of the majority of the rest of the band.


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My favorite picture of my father holding his favorite picture of me.